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Frequently Asked Questions


Will I buy an apartment with constituted horizontal property?

Yes. There will be a land register of the fraction.

What are the costs with the deed?

It depends on how you will do it, but will range from 400 €.

Are there any other investment costs?

Yes, IMT and Tax Stamp.

Do I need to go to Braga to sign the deed?

No, as in any deed you may perform a power of attorney by assigning a third party (agent) powers to do so. But the deed will take place in Braga.

Why does this purchase have VAT? How can I recover this VAT?

As this project will have a passive VAT activity, the Promoter may waive the VAT exemption and thus deduct the VAT that he had to bear. When he sells he will have to charge VAT, which can be deducted later by the Investor.

I should register myself in the tax and finance department? How?

Yes, you will need to register yourself in Category B with organized accounting, as it will be in this way that you will recover the VAT previously paid in the purchase of the fraction. You can do this in any Tax and Finance Office or via the website. As a member of U-COMMUNITY we can handle everything for you.

Do i need an accountant?

Yes, in order to have organized accounting you have to request the service from an accountant (TOC). If you want we can handle everything.

Do you have accounting service?

Yes, as a member of the U-WORLD community you can, if you wish, subscribe to our accounting service which has a very low cost because it was developed specifically to meet this need.

Do i have to pay IMT?

Yes, it is always necessary to pay IMT.

Do i have to pay IMI?


Do i have to pay condominium?

No, this cost will be paid by the operator.

Can i be called to pay for maintenance works?

No, this cost will be paid by the operator.

Do i have to pay the multi risk insurance?


I need to purchase the furniture and equipment?

No, when you acquire the fraction, it will be fully equipped and furnished, but they are property of the operator.

Can i sell the fraction?

Yes, but you must inform the interested party of the existence of the tourist exploration agreement, as well as give U-LOFT Braga the power to exercise its preemptive right.

Can i access|use the fraction?

No, owners will not have access to use their fractions.

Can i change the furniture and equipment?

No, in order to keep all decoration, quality and comfort consistent, the fractions will always have the same decoration style chosen by U-LOFT Braga.

The promoter may repurchase the apartment?

Yes, the promoter has a preemptive right if the investor wants to sell the fraction.


What is the income?

During the 20-year period the yield is fixed and will depend on the number of units purchased:

  • 5% for those who buy 1 to 4 apartments (regardless of the type);
  • 5.5% for those who buy 5 to 9 apartments;
  • 6% for those who purchase 10 or more apartments.

Will i have any income protection?

At the deed sign, a bank guarantee of one year’s income, renewed every year, will be delivered.

In fiscal terms, how will the income resulting from this type of investment be treated?

It will be treated as Category B income.

Do investors have to issue an invoice?

Yes, investors must issue an invoice to U-LOFT Braga, which should mention “transfer of the exploration fraction (fraction identification) for accommodation services”;

What is the periodicity with which the exploring company makes the payment of the income?

Semiannual or annual.

When does the purchasing investor receive the first income?

6 months after unit opening, about 7 months after deed.

Other Benefits

U-world community member as an investor - what are the advantages?

  • The children’s of the investor will have a discount on the accommodation rates in our residences;
  • The children’s of the investor will have priority status in the requests for accommodation reservation;
  • The investor will have a discount ranging from 5 to 20% in our rooms and shared mobility services (car or bicycles);
  • The investor will have access and a discount on the use of the gym;
  • The investor will have access and a discount on most of our events;
  • The investor will have access and discounts on our other services.